Witness Our Descent into a Brutal Tyrannical Totaltariun Authoritarinism


w/COMPUTERS & A.I. Military WEAPONS Autonomous Wireless on  Americans

treason within


Deborah Tavares Explains Beam Technologies Cooking all of us.

Under a Sediment World Simulation and Direct Energy & Electronic Weapons MATRIX PSYOPS

for a ‘psycho-civilized society,’ — causing us to implode from within…

Sentient World Simulation (SWS)– #Gangstalking parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual nodes (prisons) #Targets, to reflect every man, woman, and child

Geordie Rose of Cern/DWAVE “Tsunami of Demons is coming”

Alfred Webre – Targeted Individuals Set up by Elite for False Flags w/A.I. #CERN #DWAVE Robotization of our Soul

“We lost control of ‘it’–the AI is now ROGUE… its in the ROGUE.

For a Physical Pole-Shift & Planet X System

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All for the coming global earth catasrophe that’s about to happen–a Pole Shift and the flying-by of the PlanetX 2nd Sun System that’s here. John Moore, former Navy Intelligence explains. I strongly suggest listening (below) if you want to survive.


by Lissa, taken from my front year in 2014 *See Bottom of Site

John Moore: Conference From Illusion To Reality in Prague, Lucerna Great Hall, 22 July 2017, http://fromillusiontoreality.com. 2017 Pt 2, Pt 3

Pt 1, 2, 3 Preparedness for the Flyby of Planetary System NIBIRU-PlanetX

The United States government has sold its soul and its people OUT at indescribable levels, opening the CERN/DWAVE Gates of HELL–releasing their Artificial Intelligence (Autotonomous Weapons System) with Drones, Satellites, Towers, Chemtrails, HAARP, SmartPhone StopTheCrime, SmartMeters, and now 5G Ground-Based Weapon system with their A.I. Leviathan, Project L.U.C.I.D. a Beast-666 Universal Human Control System, utilizing Direct Energy Weapons on global communities. They continue to pervert justice, life, and liberties, and those alienated to us under our Supreme –GOD and Constitutional and Bill of Rights. Agenda21 is now in full-swing on global deep state  luciferian-levels. Welcome to their Synthetic TransMutational Transhumanism Singularity Hell, a 666 AI is the Antichrist BEAST SYSTEM. Ancients WARNED US that WWW is 666, and many othersEugenists Monsters–satanists run the world under a New World Order, a One World Government stemming from NAZI Paperclip research under MkUltra & the Monarch Program using ideologies of Singularity-Guru Ray Kurzweil and others.

bushmengkorzThe GOAL: One World Order under artificial Intelligence Super Qauntum Computers (AI) for complete Singularity-Transhuman AUTO Control to merge mankind with their machines. Everyone reading this needs to WAKE-UP yesterday. Bush SR (CIA Director, JFK Murderer, President for 24+, NAZI infiltrators WWII)–See HOAX of the CENTURY; NAZIs in the WHITE HOUSE.


2012 NDAA Militarized Policing on US Civilians on US Soil, JADE HELM Decoded

5G – The Elephant in Everyone’s Room – The CrowHouse Max Igan

Caravan to Midnight’s Jade Helm

Something Wicked this Way Comes

National Defense Authorization Act

Highly advanced Matrix Psychic Neural weaponry now used on the American people for speaking truth to infiltrating treasonous bastardly reprobates. Ref. Chris Hedges, and Dr. Robert Duncan HERE, HERE & HERE, Quote, “the most abominable weapon ever conceived by humankind. They are still perfecting the artificial intelligence software for automated torture and sentence stimulation that imprisons your thought possibilities through brain entrainment apart from forced EEG heterodyning with some psychic DoD moron….?Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA-DOD Scientist who worked on Project: Soul Catcher Download FREE PDF Book


1st–Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex

Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, is now directly targeted.

“For We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence-on infiltration, instead of invasion, on subversion, instead of elections, on intimidation, instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night, instead of armies by day. It’s a system which has constructed vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomats, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”President John F. Kennedy

2nd–John F. Kennedy Warns of a Monolithic Secret Societies Conspiracy

Author TI Mark Rich on the Matrix Kill-Chain Front-lines showing How We’re Used Against One another & AVATAR-NODES in their AI SYSTEM

To understand all of this. Learn what the New World order does not want you to know–the CIA NSA NWO DARPA globalists banking corporate military industrial complex Cartel (yes) under the guise of leading patriots of these United States of America, as governing parties, along with its partners, the Five Eyes Nations, have and continue to commit unbelievable heinous acts upon its defenseless people at seriously dangerous levels of hi-treason… the kind true patriots and whistleblower’s can not standby without stating as fact that it is indeed worse than treason, but as a nation of high-level traitors that are within all of our halls of now warped injustices.

We Need Your Help Stopping This–Countless are long gone, many suffering, needlessly, while America is Covertly Takenover.

All of this is well-hidden behind all those secret National security doors, behind secret FISA courtroom doors, not available for you and mine eyes… no, the America people have literally hands-down have been sold a horrid bill of goods, while the treasonous figures continue to commit the most heinous, vile acts upon all of their civilian, and at multiple levels, too many to list here within, acts of unspeakable against former military and intelligence, former FEMA and DoD contractors, Scientists, Engineers, widows, and of course all civilian social levels… as victims of hidden energy weapons and programmable matter, used DIRECTLY with the aid of SKYNET, an artificial Intelligence [AI] of global massive scales–cloud-computing, that has no prejudices on whom it targets–it’s all run by CERN’s DWAVE–a computer and we are living amid that MATRIX of control, all around us from Cellphones to towers to smart-meters, and Chemtrails, HAARP, and triangular Lockheed Martin hovering hi-tech spaceship-designed ships, yes, hidden just above us, in the clouds.

We the people of these United States and International countries–must now deal with this situation, one that leaves debating and thinking, day and night (whatever it takes) to stop this technological hell leashed upon us by those whom are (as I write this) underground [MiLabs]–the global connected D.U.M.B.s, as we are targeted in a slow-sudden, terroristic, no-touch torture, horrid death camp scenario, without the FEMA signs, in our own homes–sudden direct energy weapons shooting down and around us–straight at us, directed at us as we crawl across floors for total be-wilderness, among the wilderness of our own worlds.. a sudden million nightmares unleashed upon us all, and there is absolutely no-where-to-hide. This is in fact so much on a global level, one wonders, how long did they plan this? Where did they get these weapons? Technologically, we have been duped into using these devices like cellphones, all used to target your fellow citizens. We’ve been fooled into turning on one another–completely meshed and in the worst possible way one can not imagine. It’s as if we’re targeting one another. And, it’s because basically we are.

It gives me no pleasure to restart this site, coming out this time with the gloves-off, in this filthy ring known as the halls of injustice, to bring you the real news–regardless of the level of arrogance and ignorance and pure-evil–a vileness of putridness… knowing however that the bowels of 911, and afterwards are all sadly true as I trace backwards in-time to show what exactly happened–what went wrong… how in the hell did we get here? We shall find out together.

Because Americans are being AMBUSHED by CIA-NSA DARPA MILAB trained infiltrated, terrorists our of our halls of the United States capital. There is no other way to define this. There is no other way to say this. We must let the truth set us free, and we must once again, as our forefather’s did long prior, find halls of justice, where we can debate, plan and think this out on revolutionary levels.

That time should be NOW. In times past, the founders rid this country of the predatory priests and nobility rulers–just saying.


What we’ve been dealing with outside the beltway’s of this great nation, and those across borders and seas, is what no other words lends to describe, but a NATION. OF. HIGH-TREASONOUS. MURDEROUS. LYING. THIEVING TRAITORS. Who are these traitors behind the closed doors of our once free nation? We need look no further than the one that penned the line ‘if the American people learn the truth, they’ll hang us from the nearest pole.”–Bush SR (CIA Director, JFK Murder Suspect, President for 8 years, 8 more over son JR, NAZI infiltrators WWII)–See HOAX of the CENTURY; NAZIs in the WHITE HOUSE then share it.

Yes, BushCIASr, as Americans we surely would, and… it would be justified. Regrettably, it might be too late.

The facts offered are plain and sadly simple: the “CIA NSA are “the” traitors,” and always we’re, quoting a high-level detective, CIA, state dept., former state-level, whom informed Lissa directly in 2010. Make no mistake–targeting individuals is a serious treasonous crime, an act guilty of the worse possible treason on our lands, a murdering no-touch torturing syndicate–illegal just doesn’t cut-it to define these acts committed upon the United States innocent, defenseless civilians. It goes against all of our U.S. constitutional & of course, our Bill of Rights.

When they killed our last authentic, presiding President,  honorable John F. Kennedy, and his brother, it was the end of America. We just didn’t know it. But we do now.


For starters. See On the Take & Loving it by Julianne Assange of Wikileaks. Innocent people are under no-touch torture from both our skies with technologies that are so far advanced, one can not wrap one’s thinking’s around it. It is horrid, that the term abuse just doesn’t cut-it, to describe the indecencies and levels of illegalities, of the arrows that fly by day and night, and the pestilence of the chemtrailing, the poisoning of us all, and lastly, the use of directed energy weapons and smart-meters, and the towers, all directed straight at some Americans, mostly women. Think on that last statement, please. This does not take away from all the men being heinous tortured with these weapons, nevertheless, it’s mostly women.

The truth hurts. Fact. American’s have been footing the bill for the surveillance Intel Corporate Scientific Rothschild Rockefeller Banksters global community. Hence, they’re on the take and loving it. We believed their pile of lies and deceit. I’m drowning in heartbreak irony…………………………………

First Start demanding our representatives aid all of us in another investigation directed to representatives! Demand the House Committee on Intelligence investigate this again. Also, very important–contact everyone under North Carolina Torture–it’s where the CIA Torture Rendition airport is – where all of this funnels out of. I know, I lived there. Search ‘NC or North Carolina Torture.’ Strike-through. They’re involved too as I just learned. We move on through the muddied waters.

URL — Who’s in charge and investigated this earlier? Keep in mind, its worse than one can imagine and might be too late–We pray it is not. — Lissa

It began when the CIA/NSA/DOD human map terrained everyone on earth creating a 3D technological surveillance grid to learn about humans, completed by 1997 as an ethnographic intelligence agent–That’s NAZI-Eeugenics–horrid depopulation by our own military and intelligence corporate Wall Street bankster war-mongrell elite. End-note: Human map terraining DID NOT END. It became JADE-HELM, a sediment simulator of 7 million people on the face of our earth, known as SKYNET or simply cloud-computing. Yet, there is nothing simple, or innocent about this. It is sinister. It’s a terminator.

Former Scientist Ron Angell Explain to Deborah Tavaris how the A.I. Super-Computers Were Weaponized Against Good People, under the BUSH Cabel

If you have never heard of the terms ‘gang-stalking,’ or ‘smart-dust’ I strongly suggest you begin reading Data Asylum, to understand the depth of our issues. Understand what 4th Generation and Cyberwarfare, PSYOPs, and the Monarch-Pheonix warfare programs are, then the passing of the NDAA & the Belligerent Acts of 2012 as enemy combatants. Its now used on Americans by the CIA-NSA-DOD-DARPA & Lockheed Martin (known as the shadow government)–utilizing literal torture, covertly, under cover of National security–terrorism since 911–an inside-job.

“Now that the slow roll-out of totalitarian domestic spying has occurred (while you were sleeping, perhaps), we can look back at the many felony lies to Congress by NSA and CIA chiefs, and the local lies from Fusion Centers and the FBI and local police to see that, well, it was all lies.” — Read more on Organized Gangstalking —Research Organized Gangstalking.

Detainees upon arrival at Camp X-Ray, January 2002. In May 2006, the UN Committee against Torture condemned prisoners’ treatment at Guantánamo Bay, noting that indefinite detention constitutes per se a violation of the UN Convention Against Torture.

See David H. Price (2007).  “Buying a Piece of Anthropology, Part II: The CIA and Our Tortured Past.”  Anthropology Today, vol. 23, no. 5.  Access at http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/toc/anth/23/5

To understand more of what’s going-on :

The NSA & CIA spy on American civilians gathering as much medical, scientific, and personal data then sold to the Pentagon who runs DARPA military labs (MILABS).

“The Transhumanist Agenda uses eugenics, reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips and rewiring of brains through pharmaceuticals to achieve their goals. Their quest for immortality, with the merging of humans and machines, are just one part in their convoluted schemes to retain global dominance over our society. For now, the public are guinea pigs to be used to perfect their experiments so that by 2050, they will have fully implemented their control grid and there will be no one to dissent.”  — OccupyCorporatism

You might have seen them with the huge strange camera atop the old Army cars/vehicles. It’s what CERN DWAVE AI-entrained Satellites (entire system) is for– Mastering the Human domain. Problems apparently arose due to compartmentalization as no one realized (except for concerned Anthropologists whom screamed about the Pentagon’s ‘enabling the Wilcox [human] kill chain‘)…

Plowing the Human Terrain: Toward Global Ethnographic Surveillance

…weaponized against all of  humanity via SKYNET satellites to towers to drones programming the ether (literal air) frequencies w/smart dust (nano) to our brains–neural–they used powerful super-computer satellites that mapped our brains while spraying smart-dust onto all of us–complete surveillance into their DWAVE super AI NSA InterNET weaponized cyberware-centrix computer holographic warfare simulation–a cybernetics/cyborgs matrix learning open-lab to teach their A.I. (to replace humans). See Georgia Guidestones & 2045 for their transhuman agenda. Learn more here and how the NSA has threatened our securitygoing after the wrong innocent people–via Apple & Google with weaponized InterNet algorithm’s with PRISM.

The participation of psychologists was essential for the CIA’s torture program. [… two contract psychologists …created the torture program. Ref. Washington state lawsuit]. There’s more proof the CIA is behind this torture program on TIs  Hence, why they toss TIs into mental facilities.. as a cover and monetary surety. It began when NAZI Bush/Dulles etc. came to the US during WWII (a bankers corporation scam)–from NAZI OSS to the CIA. After assassinating JFK and his brother, they started the American Psychological Association, complicit with CIA torture (see below) and began funneling black budget funding’s from SSDI funds. Americans paid for all of this. But its obvious, these governmental department heads chose to remain silent (as Wall Street investors) about covert torture that goes on all around them–on unwitting civilians.

The CIA was founded from the NAZI OSS headquartered in London. URL to follow.

They’re mass-mind controlling humanity–period.

Quote: “…if we look a bit closer at the classified documents leaked by Snowden, it is clear that targeted surveillance is largely used to enhance the political and economic advantage of those in power, while mass surveillance is directed at spying on almost everyone – regardless of whether they have engaged in criminal activity or not.” URL

Its time to end this civilian torture program–now! Utilize your FREE WILL


The History of JADE II: Planetary Conquest By a Global A.I. Warfare System

Read – No where to Hide: The 5 Nation Eyes Want it all: by EDWARD SNOWDEN

The NSA’s Effects: Destroy, Deny, Degrade, Disrupt, Deceive, Protect.. quoting UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 via heroic Edward Snowden on Full Spectrum Dominance.

How the World’s Largest Psychological Association Aided the CIA’s Torture Program: The APA’s collusion was crucial because other physicians were increasingly reluctant to participate in the interrogations. By Lisa Hajjar

They claim it cost over 725 Million dollars and its no longer in use.

It’s fast warped from a NAZI corporate military banker’s Wall Street corporate wet-dream HELL on EARTH against millions of the populace, into a virtual hell on earth targeting innocent civilian citizens, going after innocent, decent people (non-corruptables) under the BushCabel, which eventually warped into Jade Helm. What’s so hard to believe or understand they are satanic, luciferin, secret-societies–occultism. They know the esoteric wisdom hidden from us, and dirtied it to boot.

All of this created a Truman-Show-Virtual-Matrix scenario for many US & abroad victims whom witnessed and/or we’re used thrown into a sediment (neural) simulation–a PSYOP before their untrained eyes, self included, altering our perception (this is in their targeting papers) utilizing CERN’s DWAVE (Anthony Patch’s Urgent Discoveries) stemming from the former deadly governmental take-down programs (STASI/NAZI): the Monarch-Phoenix programs. This includes psychological operations, mind control, and MkUltra. It is once again being used on the American public, without their knowledge, and those living abroad.

They are no forms of protection perpetrated on the public–except utilizing our own minds, altering our own thoughts in a positive way and battling the AI signals with frequencies. The mind has no firewall. The only thing one can do is expose and write to as many as possible so those whom understand and are against the CIA and Torture are aware, and ground ourselves, listen to:

…to combat the AI  machine in the literal-air directed at our minds.

Michael Tellinger and Jim Marrs on Earth’s Matrix & NAZI/US Technologies

In short – we’ve all been tossed into a cybernetic AI super-quantum computer Jade Helm Human Map terrain sediment smart-dust 3D surveillance (Matrix) simulation exercise (for futurist warfare); a demonic-sediment situation AI hyper-gaming virtual MATRIX playing field by those we trusted — the US and allies intelligence and military with their global bankers & corporations & investors (witting and unknowingly). A Wilcox Kill Chain list–depopulating while using humanity as a guinea pig for their own future survival.

This is the military-industrial-complex Eisenhower warned us of and JFK would had stopped as both addressed in the final speeches.

Is there anyone they’re not spying on around the globe?

JADE HELM is (Human Map Terraining)–a Super AI Computers


We’ve become unwilling victims of our own demise–they lied to us, numbing us down into a new world order genocide–depopulation with their war-machine. Your neighbors are remote-controlled (RNM). The “N” stands for neural (brain). This is highly advanced, extremely expensive to be from a house or local. Its remote. The “R” stand for just that. The “M” means to monitor. Its done from afar. The voices you hear are an AI computer system. No person is behind it thou some claim a firewall human might be to train AI to replace us. The pain you feel is coming from attacks to the brain (neural). It’s where pain originates. Hence, to beat this machine [satellites, towers, smart-meters to smart-dust & localized UAVs hovering over our homes and surrounding areas] we mess with the signals to the brain.

Here you’ll find excellent sounds/tones that help. There is also a free CD I can copy to mail out. Contact me if you’d like one. — Lissa


“JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centrism Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and device ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two-way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integration’s to this system.

In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM. —

Source1 & Source2

Cont. — They’re weaponized dangerous non-lethal weapons some refer to as the secret space program, because others refer to this as a full spectrum of dominance over humanity, and I agree. They got away with this by lying to communities leaders i.e. detectives, sheriff’s, etc., and taking over safe-houses (30 at a time) performing torture while training their artificial intelligence AI which I understand might be rogue now.

Alfred Webre interviews two inside Journalists Who’ve stepped forward of late:

These technological weapons are unseen by the naked untrained eyes, used in and directed upon civilians, in both public and directed at their homes, cars, and bodies. It’s why they’re called ‘directed energy weapons.’ Plain. Sadly simple.

While you’re going about your business, Globalist FASCIST-tyrants constructed a militarized-corporate coop (brutal covert high-treason as traitors) TOTALITARIAN, TYRANNICAL TAKE-DOWN of America and our Constitution and Bill of Rights; this affects those abroad and instigated by the UNITED STATE GOVERNMENT.

Terms include: Targeted Individuals, Targeting, Gangstalking, PSYOPS, Weapons Testing, Techno-Tyranny, Brutal Torture, Government Organized Gangstalking, Organized Terror Stalking:This Is Torture, make no mistake. Victim’s are run out of their owned-homes by Neighborhood Watch with the assistance of their infiltrated Police Force, now known as Homeland Security. People – this effects ALL OF YOU. It’s no time to sit on the face.

These acts are heinous at best, Slow-Soft Kill Democide at worst — a Genocide. If you do not help to expose this, you will be next. Please consider contributing.

This is what happens when the wrong one’s get into power. They used politics to divide us. They’re training an Artificial Intelligence A.I. to replace humans (Us) and its trained on TIs on and offline (gangstalking).

Machine learning as part of a suite of data analytics

Technocrats now surrounds us via SKYNET Super-AI-Cloud-Computing for a Hell on Earth Tyranny. Whistleblowers, Patriots, Bloggers, Political and other Activist i.e 911 truthers/Bush bashers & Iraq war dissenters–if you’re not an activist prior, you will be). This includes NIBIRU & DUMBS exposers, high-level whistleblowers (NSA/CIA/DOD/FEMA) and Lawsuit/Workmen Comp Claimants whose Evidence exposed the NWO’s monetary & murderous crimes upon humanity, as well as those who became an endangerment to their freedoms and finances; just having different ideologies can get you targeted–this is PSYOPs used on smaller countries, prior–they Infiltrated the 5-7 Eye Nations to create a NWO globalists Prison Planet covertly ruling with an Iron Super-Fascist Velvet Gloved FIST–BushSr., and they are using CERN DWAVE for a 3D surveillance grid for a terror-driven techno-NWO, yes Occult-Driven for Total Awareness Surveillance–Full Spectrum Dominance of Humanity.

REF: History of JADE II: Planetary Conquest By a Global A.I. Warfare System

This ultimate Pandora’s Box has fallen into the hands of Raytheon, a company that is connected to the Bushes and Rockefellers, Council of 300 for the ELITE, the Bilderbergs,  Lockheed Martin straight to Rothschild/Rockefeller’s DARPA MILABS

The United States was in trouble when the NAZIs took over during WWII; after killing JFK [who warned Americans]–as did Eisenhower, we we’re already under Fascist rule–and mind  control– from early 1913 Federal Reserve run by offshore Rothschild Jesuits – Our democracy was a sham as they owned all high level news agencies (papers/TV/radio) and set up the InterNET to do just that — net us all into their AI super computer tyranny. Note: In the early 1900s the Federal Reserve (Jesuits/Rothschild/Rockefeller) sold American’s out. It was over before we got started. Our grandparents & parents didn’t know, either.


I hope to make you painfully aware, we are all in deep-state, climate change catastrophic trouble. The RATS jumped ship leaving us to fend for ourselves, turning on one another with fake news stories to keep us from seeing the truth–hidden behind GeoEngineered skies. We all need to PREPARE with food and water and light (fire/candles) and camping shelters.

Sincerely, Lissa of former Lissa’s Humane Life