Organized gang stalking and the Department of Homeland Security and the Stasi

Research and data about organized stalking, gang stalking, multi stalking, community mobbing, and community policing.

Homeland Security and the Stasi: One of the great ironies of the Department of Homeland Security claiming that Trump ‘drives’ domestic terror is that the hidden campaigns of personalized and targeted assaults of organized stalking are often the work of this same agency. While some speculate that the DHS creates terrorism, others simpy claim that because their “investigations” use so many illegal or unethical practices, that they are simply the new version of the East German Stasi. And, this last claim is partially true, because former head of the agency, Markus Wolf actually WAS the Stasi.

Homeland Security Sees Anger At Trump as a Driver of “Domestic Terrorist Violence”

Photo: Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/AP

In the view of the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence wing, anger over the election of Donald Trump, reflected in protests across the country, is a driving force in…

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