Disconnect from the Beast System, NOW

Retro-Causal Illusion is the Perceptual Overlay System, Non-Human Entities, Creation, Spiritual Enslavement and Droning – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Literally, a quantum supercomputer system beams the consciousness of an underground non-human entity through the mind of the ‘droned’ human and there are interdimensional ‘way-points’ that are located on either ends of the span of history which create a closed loop of projection that securely ‘boosts’ the signal across the entire timeline as far as their are the required resources.

If the events that must be in alignment to enable these system being built in the future and operated to the far past are disrupted then that system is disrupted. Hence, “changing timelines”, and a whole new reality, all of the sudden.

Imagine if the people in power suddenly severed the connection between the ‘underworld’ of the lower consciousness beings and this physical realm. The power structure would shift instantly, greatly and eternally.

This is literally a science, replacing the consciousness of a human with a non-human being from an alternate dimension has become part of how this civilization operates if not the main function of this civilization. The droned consciousness does not have a heart-compassion capacity because the energy system was not created out of that configuration.

That compassion based element is part of the blueprint for Humanity and this must be extended from more of the same. This is to say, the creation of the compassion element was through the act of compassionate creation an extension of love. The creation of the purely mental element was not as much a creation of love (if at all) as it was a creation of technology and material intentions. These are, in that sense, material beings that do not have the compassionate spiritual aspect that marks the human through connection to the source of all or all that is.

This was all literally part of a military operation and this is why the alternate dimension, the feeding process, the ritual harvesting, the linguistic, mechanistic, hierarchical fragmentation of the mind through false authority and deceptive reasoning is literally a spiritual legal system that is designed to enslave Humanity.

Part of understanding this is being able to negate the effects and one’s connection to that system. One must separate themselves from that system otherwise that system claims them as rightful owners through the manufactured consent of the people as ‘servants’. There are motions taking place now to liberate humanity from this system however the very notion of liberation relies on one’s own wilful disconnection from that which hinders and oppresses them. If one is liberated in the midst of accepting and encouraging their own enslavement then they are only superficially alleviated and will lack the internal redemption that will enable them to face themselves truly.

Source: Retro-Causal Illusion is the Perceptual Overlay System, Non-Human Entities, Creation, Spiritual Enslavement and Droning – Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling


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