Intestinal PARASITES (like Morgellons) Extremely Advanced Biotech snakes demons (AI): SCIENTIST HARALD KAUTZ VELLA FOR ACTION ASAP


Dear friends,

The offensive against the so-called “fake news” seems to have reached Germany, and I have a complaint yesterday for sedition in the mail, about anything that I said in the summer of 2015. I don’t know what exactly the way it was meant to be, but with the prosecution is the theoretical possibility that the me for a maximum of 5 years in prison. The authorities are moving in this case, extremely fast, what me for Germany.

There’s a whole lot of research in the near future. I wanted to publish. A lot of it is still being created, but under the circumstances it feels better to send it directly.

Can you do me a favor and download these files, secure and pass on those for which the contents may be of interest? And if it is possible for you, you could help in a timely manner the copyright fees for the images to share the article about the morgellon’s disease. I’ve been trying to get this years research “Public Domain” to make it but I could never afford the copyright for the pay but you need to have a clear visual evidence.

The material is online on dropbox under:……/D_Sind_Autismusparasiten_Morgello……/D_Available_Diets.pdf……/D_CreutzfeldtJakob.pdf…

In connection with the discovery that the intestinal parasites with autism just like morgellons extremely advanced biotechnology are the production of demon worship, and therefore closely related to the trans humanist / Black

Magic related agenda, there is still a lot of practical experience that have not yet In the texts.

We have found that these snakes demons around the kundalini and tummoschlangen, Asian tradition. After it was clear that these entities each person from birth on-wards already has in part of the dark agenda, we have started finding ways to get rid of this. With some success. While we did this, we have discovered that these snakes are the one to create what we in the matrix. The kundalinischlange occupied the third eye, filters the charms out we don’t recognize (cognitive dissonance) and illusions (Magic). This is how you create the fake reality we call the matrix. In the moment where the snakes are removed, slips of the mental identifikationspunkt back into the brain stem and the third eye directly connects with the heart. It’s such a beautiful feeling, the truth directly with the heart to see ;-)-simply divine.

Also the blockade of the posterior leg goes away, and the vertebrae are to be mobilised lowest intervertebral disc. Painful but liberating.

It may be that this is our chance to get rid of the pack, just by making this room of the snakes. The first step is via affirmation of the kundalini and the tummo-snake to deidentifizieren to pull them later. This is still a risky proposition, and can lead to madness and physical damage. During the procedure, I was for about 30 seconds completely taken over by tummo until the present shaman grab him and was able to pull out. If you believe in yourself and you want to experiment and make sure you sit on the floor and no hard and grits objects in the vicinity.

Good luck, I’ll keep you posted….

In Love,

PS: Facebook shows here just a link, there are a total of 4 items for download.