SKYNET- America’s first neural net defense network super computer

This is killing me.NORAD NORTHERN COMMAND NASA INTEL PENTAGON MILABS DUMBs–all part of the global surveillance-hubs using CERN with DWAVE and corporate NAZI ZIONIST globalists conspiracy from their Cheyenne mountain type retreats and local safe-houses with local Lockheed Martin owned fusion centers (fused all agencies together), and localized military bases (under EMF DOME protective cover) and remote Drone facilities (southern Ohio, Georgia) torturing American civilians to slow General Wilcox Kill Chain death, and they are (go figure) lying, thieving murderers, not a one of honor. The most anti-human corrupt gang Eisenhower, next JFK tried to warn us of. Hayden, Alexander, Levey and more–all gay satanists.

I was set-up (go figure) to look like a 911 truther. It was to get rid of me because the Rothschild whorehouse (CIA NSA DOD MOSSAD) was guilty of killing my husband, on their property, by 99%. Later, one of the archonic nephlim descendants, would leave a signed and court-sealed document in my house showing it was proven the entire site (Bethlehem Steel and Ship Yard) was guilty 100%. Next thing I knew, SKYNET was turned on me while controlling others on the ground to do the same.

I’m now half past dead by the Fu$#kers.

Which Giant Tech Company Is Winning the Race to Be Skynet?

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon — and all of you allowed it.

The original target of the first exchange, the human race, had been decimated almost to the point of extinction but the human race was a hardy organism, with millions of years of evolution to breed into it a strong will and a determination that defied logic.  SKYNET would have to finish the job that the nuclear fire, the hot wind, the radioactive fallout and the various chemicals and toxins did not.  SKYNET would have to hunt down the last surviving members of the human race and exterminate them.  It would need weapons to do this.  It would need weapons with weapons and in that regard, SKYNET’s arsenal became one of ultimate science, the cutting edge of anti-personnel killing technology, all the power of an artificial mind gone mad directed into inventing newer, more powerful, more effective, more efficient ways of killing humans.

Source: SKYNET- America’s first neural net defense network super computer