Judge Alfred Webre: Radiation genocide exposé with Karen Ann MacDonald & Pattie Brassard – NewsInsideOut

VANCOUVER, BC – In this revealing live expose using real-time online apps, Karen Ann MacDonald & Pattie Brassard demonstrate an ongoing radiation-based genocide of human population through multiple modalities, including intentional continent-scale false flag chemical accelerate-based forest-fires in British Columbia, as well as nightly release of approximately 214 toxic radioactive elements from nuclear power plants in selected nations ranging from Fukushima Japan to France, based on planetary wind factors.

Radiation Decontamination Centers

Pattie Brassard & Karen Ann MacDonald also demonstrate the design of radiation decontamination centers for the survival and thrival of civilian populations under constant attack by radiation, chemtrails, GMO, morgellons, and other depopulation agents of a predatory, pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence-entrained Matrix.


Radiation Graphic Room


Karen A MacDonald


Pattie L. Brassard



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