Journalist Rhonda Pence talks Targeted Individuals with Ella Free – YouTube

Published on Sep 28, 2017

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Recorded on September 26, 2017 I am passing this around to try & help Rhonda. WHY? Because Rhonda did more for our community than most when she ran the email America campaign & when she arranged the meeting with Jaun Mendez, the UN Rappatour. (….)
I am aware of people in the community that worked hard to sabotage that – and who were instrumental in “taking her down”. She is ONE that deserves a lot of credit & support – because she actually gave a damn, was savvy, innovative in the approach to bring this to light, and we need people like her on our side. So, whatever you can give- be it a dollar, ten, $100, – you name it, she deserves our support- she earned it. More than ever we NEED to keep the true activists on the side of TRUTH and to grow the pool of TRUE ACTIVISTS. So – Please – find it in your heart to support her.
Pause into your browser and give: