Biosphere Implosion And Societal Collapse, It’s Not Coming, It’s Here


Environmental, economic, and societal collapses are not events, they are processes, and those processes have long since been unfolding. Once industrialized society can no longer expand (consuming everything in it’s path), it begins to collapse. The walls are rapidly closing in on us all though the majority of the population is still unaware due to various forms of entertainment, distractions, and psychological programming from the completely controlled media.

The “Normalcy bias” is difficult for most to overcome.  It is imperative to consider and remember that in all 3 categories of collapse mentioned, the process is extremely non-linear as it reaches the latter stages.

Once breaking points are breached, collapse can come with blinding speed.

Environmental collapse is the underlying factor which ultimately makes economic and societal collapse inevitable. This is a fact that is being completely censored from a public that for the most part still wish to remain ignorant of the darkening horizon (though they will not have this option for much longer).

There are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our host planet, but one stands out as the most impactful of all, climate engineering.

The imploding environment has already triggered resource wars which are escalating in various locations around the planet. America will not escape the fate of the world.

The long standing delusion that modern industrialized society was sustainable, is disintegrating.

The single greatest leap we could yet make in the right direction is to expose and halt the ongoing global climate engineering assault which is rapidly destroying Earth’s ability to support life. My thanks to Gregory Mannarino for the excellent summary article below.
Dane Wigington
Dane Wigington