Advice About #Gangstalking: #TargetedIndividuals by Richard Lighthouse former NASA

This short ebook provides information and recommendations for people affected by the illegal gangstalking program, which is run by the FBI in the United States. Internationally, it is run by the CIA. The FBI uses “cover organizations” to assist with these illegal programs, including the Infraguard and Citizen Corp groups. Many of these people are paid by the FBI through an illegal program that involves the submission of fake “receipts” for reimbursement. People submit their car payment, house payment, meals, etc – as “receipts” and the crooked FBI agents pay them. Some criminal individuals are reimbursed up to $500,000 per year under this illegal program. A handout is provided in this ebook which will be helpful to Targeted Individuals because the perps that are involved in gangstalking, are not allowed to know this information about the World Trade Center and 9-11. It is effective at discouraging or eliminating some gangstalking. This information will be helpful to Targeted Individuals.


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